#KLM S12 Long-Haul #Operation Changes as of 20JAN12 | Airline Route

As Per 20JAN12 GDS timetable and inventory display, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines continues to adjust its planned Summer 2012 Long-Haul Operation.

Latest changes as of 20JAN12 as follows. As always additional changes remain possible. Note all changes are in effect from 25MAR12, unless otherwise noted:

Amsterdam – Bangkok Service operates as terminator service. Boeing 777-200ER/-300ER replaces 747-400/-400COMBI
KL875 AMS1750 – 0935+1BKK 77W x367
KL875 AMS1750 – 0935+1BKK 772 367

KL876 BKK1220 – 1855AMS 77W x147
KL876 BKK1220 – 1855AMS 772 147

Amsterdam – Dallas Service resumes from 30APR12 instead of 25MAR12, A330-200 operating
30APR12 – 13MAY12 Day x246
eff 14MAY12 Day x24

Amsterdam – Delhi eff 01JUL12 Airbus A330-200 replaces MD11, Daily. Previously the aircraft change was planned to start from 01JUN12

Amsterdam – Havana Service operates 3 weekly NONSTOP in both direction with MD11
KL723 AMS1055 – 1510HAV M11 146
KL724 HAV1715 – 0830+1AMS M11 146

Amsterdam – Lusaka Planned Service resumption is now beginning from 02JUN12, instead of 15MAY12. Service maintains 3 weekly, however there are flight number changes
KL521 AMS1230 – 2210LUN 332 246
KL522 LUN2355 – 0955+1AMS 332 246

Amsterdam – Manila NONSTOP service replaced by 1-stop via Taipei (See below)

Amsterdam – Paramaribo Reduces from 4 weekly MD11 to 3 weekly Boeing 747-400PAX. Effective date moves from 24APR12 to 27MAR12
KL713 AMS1130 – 1530PBM 744 246
KL714 PBM1745 – 0720+1AMS 744 246

Amsterdam – Punta Cana 2 weekly service CANCELLED (currently operates Amsterdam – Punta Cana – Havana – Amsterdam, see related entry above)
Amsterdam – Shanghai Pu Dong Planned Boeing 747-400PAX operation, 2 of 12 weekly, is re-instated
KL895 AMS1730 – 1005+1PVG 74E D
KL893 AMS2130 – 1405+1PVG 744 25
KL893 AMS2130 – 1405+1PVG 74E 467

KL896 PVG1220 – 1805AMS 74E D
KL894 PVG2320 – 0505+1AMS 744 36
KL894 PVG2320 – 0505+1AMS 74E 157

Amsterdam – Taipei – Manila
Taipei service operates as nonstop, replacing 1-stop via Bangkok. 777-200ER operating
Manila service operates via Taipei, although it has no local traffic rights
KL807 AMS2040 – 1445+1TPE1620+1 – 1825+1MNL 772 D
KL808 MNL1940 – 2145TPE2310 – 0610+1AMS 772 D

Amsterdam – Tokyo Narita eff 25MAR12 Aircraft Changes. 777-200ER operates along with 747
KL861/862 74E Day x16 744 Day 16 (744 previously planned to operate as Day 15 from AMS; NRT departs following day)
KL863/864 3 weekly service operates with 777-200ER, replace 747-400COMBI. (Previously this was to be operating as 1 weekly 747-400COMBI and 2 weekly 777-200ER)

Amsterdam – Tripoli Service to resume from 27MAR12 with 3 weekly flights. Service Increases to 4 weekly from 03JUL12

Previously Reported Changes:
Amsterdam – Accra eff 29APR12 New Airbus A330-300 enters operation (25MAR12 – 28APR12 MD11)
Amsterdam – Aruba – Bonaire – Amsterdam 5 weekly MD11 service in Winter 2011 is currently maintained in S12
Amsterdam – Atlanta MD11 replaces Boeing 777-200ER, Daily service
Amsterdam – Buenos Aires Capacity increase with Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER
25MAR12 – 25JUN12 772 Day 1 77W Day 35
26JUN12 – 28OCT12 77W Day 135

Amsterdam – Calgary
25MAR12 – 31MAY12 Increase from 5 weekly to 6 weekly
01JUN12 – 27OCT12 Increase from 6 weekly to Daily

Amsterdam – Chengdu eff 01MAY12 4th weekly service in Summer season restored, 747-400COMBI service
Amsterdam – Dallas Service Resumes from 30APR12 instead of 25MAR12, A330-200 operates 5 weekly
Amsterdam – Hangzhou 21JUN12 – 14SEP12 Increase from 3 to 4 weekly, new flight operates from AMS on Day 4, HGH on Day 5. Note operational schedule has moved back to their original time slot, same as S11
KL881 AMS1505 – 0730+1HGH 772 x257
KL882 HGH1310 – 1855AMS 772 x136

Amsterdam – Houston Service reduction from 10 weekly to Daily from 20JAN12, is extended into entire Summer 2012 season
Amsterdam – Khartoum – Addis Ababa eff 18MAY12 Operational Day change from Day 246 to Day 257
Amsterdam – Kilimanjaro – Dar es Salaam – Amsterdam
30MAR12 – 16MAY12 Airbus A330-200 operating, 6 weekly (6th weekly flight originally due to start from 17MAY12)
17MAY12 – 30JUN12 Increase from 6 weekly to Daily, A330-200 operating
01JUL12 – 31JUL12 Boeing 777-200ER replaces A330-200, Daily
01AUG12 – 27OCT12 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -200ER on Day x245

Amsterdam – Lagos New Airbus A330-300 enters operation
05MAR12 – 21MAR12 Day x37 (Day 37 with 332)
eff 22MAR12 Daily

Amsterdam – Los Angeles 21JUN12 – 16SEP12 Service increase from 7 to 10 weekly.
KL601 AMS0950 – 1150LAX 747 357
KL601 AMS0950 – 1150LAX 74E x357
KL603 AMS1240 – 1505LAX M11 467

KL602 LAX1400 – 0915+1AMS 747 357
KL602 LAX1400 – 0915+1AMS 74E x357
KL604 LAX1720 – 1250+1AMS M11 467

KL603/604 Previously planned to operate on Day 146
Boeing 747-400PAX Begins operating from 22APR12 until 27OCT12, until the end of Summer schedule. Previously planned operation till 21AUG12

Amsterdam – Luanda NEW 2 weekly service from 26MAR12, operated by A330-200 (See report on 27DEC11)
Amsterdam – Miami Service CANCELLED in Summer season
Amsterdam – New York JFK Revised Planned aircraft operation. Note there will be variations occurring during selected period in Summer 2012 season which may not operate at following pattern
KL641/642 77W Day 35 772 Day x35
KL643/644 74E Day x14 772 Day 14

Amsterdam – Osaka eff 25MAR12 Planned Boeing 777-300ER replace -200ER service on Day 14 from AMS, Day 25 from KIX
Amsterdam – Panama City Increases from 6 weekly to Daily, MD11 operating
Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterdam eff 25MAR12 Increase from 3 to 4 weekly, Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300ER
Amsterdam – Sao Paulo Boeing 777-300ER aircraft is reassigned on this route, operating on following days, replacing 777-200ER
25MAR12 – 04JUL12 Day 267
05JUL12 – 28OCT12 Day x135

Amsterdam – Singapore – Denpasar eff 25MAR12 Increases from 4 weekly to Daily (previously planned eff 01AUG12; SIN remains Daily). 777-300ER operation gradually increases from 4 to 6 weekly, operating on following days, replacing 777-200ER
25MAR12 – 01JUL12 Day x13 from AMS, Day x24 from SIN/DPS
02JUL12 – 28OCT12 Day x1 from AMS, Day x2 from SIN/DPS

Amsterdam – Toronto Operational aircraft change
25MAR12 – 26APR12 332 Day x246 772 Day 246
27APR12 – 28OCT12 332 Daily

25MAR12 – 17JUN12 74M Day 46 332 Day x46
18JUN12 – 28JUL12 74M Day 46 744 Day x46
29JUL12 – 28OCT12 74M Day 46 772 Day x46

Amsterdam – Vancouver eff 30APR12 Boeing 777-200ER replaces MD11, Daily service
Amsterdam – Washington Dulles NEW A330-300 aircraft enters operation, operating on following days instead of -200. Note A330-300 operational days in Apr/May 2012 has been revised
25MAR12 – 31MAY12 Day x6
01JUN12 – 28OCT12 Day x135

MIDDLE-EAST Service/Routing Change
Abu Dhabi Service maintains at 5 weekly, however operates together with Bahrain (KL451/453/455), replacing nonstop in both direction
Bahrain Service reduces from Daily to 5 weekly (KL451/453/455)
Dammam Service increases from 5 weekly to Daily, service operates together with Kuwait, instead of extending to Doha (KL411/413: outbound nonstop; 415/417: outbound via Kuwait)
Doha Service operates NONSTOP in both direction 5 times a week, replacing 1-stop via Dammam (KL441/442)
Dubai Service Reduced from 2 Daily in S11 to 1 Daily in S12. Previously planned to operate at 11 weekly level. Operational aircraft changes in effect as well (KL427/428)
26MAR12 – 17JUN12 Boeing 747-400
18JUN12 – 06OCT12 Airbus A330-200
07OCT12 – 27OCT12 Boeing 747-400

Kuwait Service maintains Daily, service operates together with Dammam instead of Bahrain (KL411/413: outbound via Dammam; 415/417: outbound nonstop)

KL411 AMS1430 – 2135DMM2235 – 2340KWI0055+1 – 0605+1AMS 330 14
KL413 AMS1430 – 2135DMM2235 – 2340KWI0055+1 – 0605+1AMS 330 5
KL415 AMS1430 – 2105KWI2205 – 2310DMM0020+1 – 0550+1AMS 330 26
KL417 AMS1430 – 2105KWI2205 – 2310DMM0020+1 – 0550+1AMS 330 7

KL427 AMS1430 – 2300DXB EQV D
KL428 DXB0050 – 0600AMS EQV D

KL441 AMS1020 – 1745DOH 330 x25
KL442 DOH2359 – 0545+1AMS 330 x25

KL451 AMS1340 – 2210AUH2310 – 2320BAH0030+1 – 0605+1AMS 330 15
KL453 AMS1340 – 2040BAH2140 – 2350AUH0100+1 – 0605+1AMS 330 2
KL455 AMS1340 – 2040BAH2140 – 2350AUH0100+1 – 0605+1AMS 330 36

viaKLM S12 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 20JAN12 | Airline Route.

KLM S12 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 20JAN12 | Airline Route


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